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About Orion Trail

Orion Trail is a single player space adventure for Windows, Mac, and Linux. In the game, you are captain of the Indestructible II, flagship vessel of Galaxy Force. Your mission: to explore and survive the dangerous and enigmatic Orion Trail. With the help of your trusty officers, ship, and crew, your success is ensured... Probably.

Orion Trail’s gameplay centers around making the tough calls that only you, a starship captain, can make. The galaxy is full of strange, stupid, and terrifying Things, and you’ll need to make the decisions that ensure the survival of Your Crew. Well, most of your crew. Each journey, you’ll pick your captain, Officers, and Equipment. Each pick will give you a leg up when dealing with Encounters in specific ways.

However, you can't apply all strategies to every situation. Sure, you could stock up on guns and aggressive officers to crush your Enemies, but you'll be in trouble when you need to host that alien dinner party.

Starships don’t run on good intentions alone (not the ones you can afford, anyway). Each decision you make will increase or decrease the resources that keep your ship functioning. Run out of any, and you’ll be in deep (space) trouble.

Game Features & Gameplay
  • Dynamic Encounters

We want the Encounters to react a little more to your previous choices and current circumstances. Certain encounters may have special, and otherwise hidden, options be revealed if you have the right Captain, Officer, or Technology equipped. This adds some fun (and unexpected) twists to your playthrough.

  • Away Missions

Currently in the prototype, we only have encounters that take place in the celestial heavens. In the full game, we plan to have a second type called Away Missions, where you pick an officer and a gaggle of redshirts to beam down to a planet, enemy ship, or other space-thing and embark on a longer set of mini-encounters.

  • Better Feedback for Encounter Results

A big part of the game is picking an option and finding out how well you performed at your attempt. Right now, we’re not doing a great job at the latter, so we have plans to better inform you whether that 7 you got was good or bad.

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